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January Plants Growing On The Grounds Of the United States Capitol

A huge part of my working in clay and with flowers is about understanding the seasons!

Observing what plant signals the on coming of the next season - how little green leave, flowers and bulbs are responses to changes in the weather.

My biggest take away is in March, which is when I have grown to understand is that time that indication I will not be stuck in freezing temperatures with leaf less stubs of tress for the rest of my life.

However this year, I got a beautiful shipment of flowers from the grounds of the United State Capitol where i got to see the beauty in the winter foliage of the North East. I enjoy this not only cause I work with The Capitol, but because i get foliage a few weeks before i start to see it up here in Jersey City/ NYC area.

As my ongoing project with The Capitol Visitor's Center, I get to press this foliage into clay creating creating my signature works of pottery.

Every piece is unique and one of a kind, as every leaf and flower is different.

Will this partnership ever get old??? I love it so much!!


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