I, Tara Kothari am a ceramist working out of my private clay studio at Mana Contemporary.  

I picked up pottery when I found myself lost, and enjoyed it as a hobby.
As I continued the art, clay became the medium by which I related to life, and a way to ground myself. 


My work stems from fossilizing plants in clay. I create organic functional pottery and sculptural ceramics, got by pressing seasonal wildflowers or discarded flowers from New York City's flower market. 

I am currently working on pieces that are very personal and talk about who I am. They have botanical fossils from my life in New York with hints of whimsy and color from my roots in the tropics. 

I not only tell my story through clay, but enjoy sharing special moments from other people's lives through the medium, by creating rustic tableware keepsakes. It's a pleasure to make ceramic pieces fossilizing wedding flowers or leaves from a grandma and grand child's first plant together or flowers from a bar mitzvah.

I continue to educate children, for which I still have a passion; only now,  I use my Montessori training to help children express themselves through clay.  

Living in Jersey City, my photography takes me across the tri state area, and other parts of The United States. While incorporating photo decals to pieces,  I hope to add visuals of the stories I tell through clay. 

4 things you might like to know about my work-- 

1. I love the different seasons, and my art is an expression of that. 

2. Working with clay has given me a life and friends, I never would have imagined possible. 

3. I hope to brighten peoples day with my cheerful use of color and form. 

4. Nature in The United States has renewed my love for plants and animals.  

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Commissions | Personalized ceramic decor​ | Botanical installations |Tableware from your wedding bouquet

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