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Pressing flowers into clay helps me make sense of the changing world around me.

Having moved from India, working with seasonal flowers and plants, aids in my adjusting to life in the North Eastern part of America.


My work involves pressing real leaves and flowers in clay. Once they burn out I paint each fossil in colors and with glazes to bring them back to life.


Often times I will incorporate puns into my work showcasing my love for language; and whimsical illustrations depicting places I love in the United States.


Each piece aspires to bring joy to one’s life- a joy similar to that gotten walking along a mountain trail on a spring morning, occasionally peering into a clearing to find a special flower, that would perhaps grow in a manicured garden.


Come-- Walk the trail with my work!
Allow yourself to stop and enjoy the wildflowers, the sound of the rustling leaves and smile for the things you might normally overlook.

Contact Tara 

Commissions | Personalized ceramic decor​ | Botanical installations |Tableware from your wedding bouquet

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  • Tara Kothari Studio
  • Tara Kothari Studio

 (201) 589-0969

  • Tara Kothari Studio
  • Tara Kothari Studio
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