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Product Info

Thank You for choosing to buy my work. 

You now own an original Tara Kothari work made out of clay. 

I am so glad you chose to buy one of my pieces. 

Product Info, Process & Materials-

 Inspired by nature, I fossilize fresh florals in my work. I press seasonal wildflowers, or discarded plants into clay, creating rustic functional pottery, as well as organic sculptural pieces.

Work will often incorporate 22k gold, and sepia toned photos with text. 

Each piece is fired atleast 2 times reaching temperatures over 2100 F. 

The first firing burns up the organic matter and the second vitrifies the piece with glaze. 

Often times I fire the piece a 3rd and 4th time with decals and precious metal highlights. 

Care/ Use- 

Tableware/ Trinket Dishes 

All of my tableware and trinket dishes are food safe. 

Exceptions -
If the work not glazed, it is not for food! 

If the work has sepia toned photos or is with printed text then those pieces specifically are not foodsafe. 

Functional pieces are dishwasher safe, but I recommend hand washing. 

If you do load it in the dishwasher please load it on the top rack only. 

It can go in the microwave and oven, unless it has 22k gold on it. 


Wipe ornaments with a damp cloth to clean.
Sterling silver and 22k gold highlights may be polished with a polishing cloth. 


Handwash only. ​


Gently wipe down with a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth. ​

Review/ Photo 

My work goes places and I do not know where it finally ends up or where it's gonna live. 

It's always always always soooo great to see where it ended up, what you are doing with it and hear about how you are using it. 

Send me a photo, give me feedback.
I LOVE hearing from you.

Contact Tara 

Commissions | Personalized ceramic decor​ | Botanical installations |Tableware from your wedding bouquet

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